Medical Malpractice Defense


We thrive on creating a mindful and detail-oriented action plan that delivers results and effectively positions our clients for the future.

When clients select Larson Health Advocates to represent them, they do so knowing that our creative strategies and meticulous approach will have a profound and lasting result. With ties to all levels of the medical community within Seattle, we are in a unique position to assist providers battle against malpractice claims as they focus on delivering access to high quality health care services.

Our team of experienced attorneys, devoted paralegals, and dedicated support staff work with commitment and passion to the resolution of your case. From the initial meeting, to the reviewing of material and consulting of expert witnesses, we develop depositions for settlement negotiations and, if needed, trial defense. We thoroughly investigate each claim and exhaust options such as arbitration, mediation, and other means of dispute resolution, before resorting to actual trial. With your best interest at heart, we advise on risk management and quality assurance, developing an action plan that suits your needs and minimizes the impact to your practice.

Who we help and what cases we have experience in… medical institutions, insurance companies, physicians of every specialty, nurses, dentists, and other medical professionals can feel confident in hiring Larson Health Associates to handle their complex medical case.

We have experience in:

• Medical malpractice

• Lack of informed consent

• Battery

• Abandonment

• Misrepresentation

• Elder neglect

From the unparalleled trial experience to the comprehensive medical knowledge, attorneys at Larson Health Advocates provide comprehensive and aggressive representation to successfully defend our clients at every stage of litigation. We prepare our defense with the needs and expectations of today’s jurors in mind, and work to synthesize and present complex medical subjects in way that steadfastly defends our position and supports our argument. Along with our enclave of expert witnesses, many of which actively practice in the field of medicine, we are the only Seattle based firm to have an on-call physician and attorney working on our staff. Our team also includes talented associates and support staff with exceptional skills in critical support services, such as medical-record collection and analysis, medical literature search and review, preparation of trial exhibits. Together, we work to build our clients a toolkit for long- and short-term success.

Don’t allow allegations of medical negligence put your reputation, medical license, or financial well-being at risk. Let our passionate advocates defend you and your practice against claims of malpractice.

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