Medical Staff Peer Review Credentialing

Our team has a a thorough understanding of the regulatory laws affecting physicians, hopsitals, management entities, and other health care organizations. 

Clients turn to Larson Health Advocates to provide counsel on matters related to credentialing and peer review activities because of our extensive experience, professional judgment, and thorough assessment of your unique circumstances. Indeed, our team has represented some of the largest group practices in the country in various health care settings, such as hospitals, managed care organizations, and practice management companies.

Our firm attorneys have been deeply immersed in medical staff management and medical group practices for years, helping conduct legal audits, develop practice management structures, represent in regulatory investigations, and ensure compliance with federal and state employment laws. We advise hospitals, medical staff, and licensed professionals about their obligations under their medical staff bylaws and can assist in the preparation and development of policies and bylaws within the requirements of state and federal laws

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